Check Your Self Before You Wreck Your Self

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One Sunday morning on the way to church we suddenly came to a stop on the highway. We were going to be late to church because of a traffic jam! It was bike week in Florida so a lot of people were heading back home. We were a mile and a half away from our exit. So my husband went down the side medium and to get off the exit. When we got up close was saw all of the sirens. The police, fire trucks, tow trucks and ambulances were all there.

The closer we got the heavier my heart felt. As a matter of fact I started crying and my husband asked me what was wrong. By that time we saw the body bag lying on the side of the road. I started praying and asking God to have mercy and comfort the family members and began pleading the Blood of Jesus over them and all of the rescue workers.

On the way to service I started wondering was that man saved. Did he know the Lord? What about his family and friends? Where would he spend eternity? I started asking the Lord to implore intercessors and watch men for those families involved. That they would be saved and none lost.

Whenever I would see an accident my immediate response is to pray, and cry out to God to have mercy. That day in church the Lord began to deal with me concerning telling His people that they may not get in a car wreck, plane crash, or get shot and killed but He is coming back and are we ready.

How many are truly saved? Of all of those that name the name of Christ, are you saved?

Do you care about souls?  Or do you care about being right in your theology? Are you praying and interceding on behalf of those that are lost? Or are you being smug and superior thinking your way is the right way? Are you pouring over the Word to find out how best to share the good news? Or are you studying diligently to prove how much knowledge you have? Are you out on the streets compelling men to know HIM? Or are you drawing them to know you? Can anyone tell you are different? Not because you are weird. A lot of people use their weirdness to proclaim they are something they are not. Can they tell the Father’s love abide on the inside of you? Can they tell you sincerely do not want them to perish? Are you displaying the heart of the Father to them?

If you don’t have a love walk then I seriously doubt you have a God walk. Everyone is looking for the GREATER WORKS. But what about the LOVE WORKS? You can’t accomplish greater works without your heart being moved to compassion. Check your motives for the Greater works. Is it to bring honor to you? You say it is to show off God’s glory. But is it really, when you don’t show it in every day affairs? Can someone honestly look at your life and say this is defiantly the Glory of the Lord?

The scriptures say” the Love of God is shed abroad in our hearts by the Holy Ghost which is given unto us” Romans 5:5

“By this all men shall know that you are my disciples, if ye love one another” John 13:35.


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