Michael Vick Is Not Inhumane-The Animal Rights Activist Are

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Michael Vick dogs

I am so sick and tired of hearing about Michael Vick abuse of animals. It is really starting to get to me. The news media is in a frenzy concerning him and this dog fighting issue. Why everyone has their panties in a wad over this is beyond me. Just slap him with a hefty fine and move on.

Today they announced that Vick, according to CNN made apologies and pleaded guilty. That is good however that does not warrant the stiff sentence they are trying to give him for dog’s lives. Give me a break!

According to the Washington Post, U.S. Attorney Chuck Rosenberg said in a statement this morning that federal sentencing guidelines had appeared to call for a prison term of up to six months and that a first-time offender like Vick normally might not have received any jail time.

But because Vick’s conduct was so “heinous, cruel and inhumane,” Rosenberg said, prosecutors insisted that the sentencing range be adjusted upward to 12-18 months, and Vick’s attorneys agreed. “It is highly unusual for a defendant to agree to recommend a sentence above the advisory guideline range,” Rosenberg said.

How crazy is this? The world is so concerned about a dog’s right to life and human treatment but not concerned with human life. Animal Rights Activist would love to see this man go to jail for 5 or more years if they had their way. But these same people wouldn’t go to bat for babies with no voice.

Michael says it is time for him to grow up and he is concerned about his image to young people. All of that is commendable. But now that he has “found Jesus”, instead of going on the “save our animals circuit” he needs to turn his attention to the save our babies circuit.

This country has its priorities backward. It is a travesty! Why isn’t the media showing clips from partial birth abortion videos over and over again? No instead we had to watch the same clip of these same dogs fighting 50 thousand times!

Here is a quote from a partial birth abortion website.

“During the first year after the Partial-Birth Abortion Ban Act was introduced in mid-1995, many opponents of the bill, such as NARAL’s Kate Michelman and syndicated columnist Ellen Goodman, insisted that anesthesia given to the mother painlessly kills the babies before they are pulled feet-first from the womb and stabbed through the back of the skull. But in congressional testimony in 1996 — virtually ignored by the news media — this myth was emphatically refuted by the heads of the two major professional societies of anesthesiologists. Other experts testified that the babies are alive and fully capable of experiencing great pain during a partial-birth abortion. To learn more about the pain that partial-birth abortion inflicts on pre-mature human babies, and about the “anesthesia myth,”

With just this little bit of information about this horrible procedure to you see why I can care less about dogs fighting. Human life is much more valuable than that of animals. Where is the outcry of the media over this issue?

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3 Responses to “Michael Vick Is Not Inhumane-The Animal Rights Activist Are”

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Now it is a shame before God. Especially when we are worshipping something that was not made in the image of God. We are making all of this fuss about Micheal Vick and the dogs. What has this world become when we woory about animals and not humans. And those same people that are worrying about the dogs. Do they eat any kind of meat because some animal was killed for their meal. I am not condoning what Micheal did but let’s get real we need PRAY!!!!

excuse me!!! Animals should have protection rights just like humans..if you have any heart at all you would understand that it is not ok to use God’s living creatures for entertainment or any other kind of cruelty. I am not saying that people are not important ….becuase they are i just don’t believe that we are of any more importance than animals. They have souls too. It even states it in the bible. Micheal Vick should be behind bars!! and all the others who are abusive the animals. The people who think that animals have no value are just selfish and wicked!

As I read my bible this morning I read the book of Ezekiel which discusses the sacrifice of animals as a part of service. Are those who say that it is wrong to kill animals or make sacrifices going to question God and his designs. The bible emphasizes God’s love of mankind. Its also emphasizes God forgives.
Jesus emphasized his mission was to save not to destroy. He also emphasized that he who showed no mercy would receive no mercy. Those who recite the bible should focus upon the words, “forgive us our debts as we forgive our debtors” I am reminded of those who wanted to stone the woman caught in sin. They brought her to Jesus and emphasized that in acordance with the law she should be stone. Jesus merely responded “let he is without sin cast the first stone.” Each one slipped away. I ask those who continue to misciously condemn Michael Vick this question. Why do you continue to cast stones? Are you without sin in your life? You might respond that Vick’s sin is greater. According to the New Tstament sis is sin. It makes no distincions. Stop judging Michael Vick. God is his judge. If God can forgive him then who are you to continue to condemn him?

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