The Devil Made Me Do It – According To Bishop Weeks

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What kind of mess is this? Bishop Thomas Weeks, the estranged husband of Prophetess Juanita Bynum, claimed anonymity when he said “The Devil Made Me Do It.” Like we church folks say” The devil is a lie!” I guess when He stands in court he will also tell the judge this same ridiculous story.

This story below is taken from the Atlanta Journal Constitution: Weeks took the pulpit two days after his surrender to authorities in connection with the alleged attack on Bynum. His remarks included appreciation for the prayers and support that he said have come in for him and his wife and thanks to those in attendance in spite of the controversy.

Weeks sparked thunderous applause and cheers when he asked members to tell those seated next to them: “We’ve got certain things going on right now, but I refuse to stop coming to the house God built.”

Weeks, wearing a dark suit and his customary bow tie, blamed the devil for the accusation that has him facing two felony charges. He didn’t, however, offer any specifics before introducing a guest minister who preached in his stead, then exiting the room.

The bishop is charged with aggravated assault for allegedly choking, kicking and hitting Bynum on Tuesday night in a parking lot at the Renaissance Concourse Hotel and with making terroristic threats to kill her. Both are felonies.After turning himself in, he spent six hours in the Fulton County Jail before being released on $40,000 bond Friday.

Let no one say when he is tempted, I am tempted by God, for God cannot be tempted by evil nor does He Himself tempt anyone. BUT EACH ONE IS TEMPTED WHEN HE IS DRAWN AWAY BY HIS OWN DESIRES AND ENTICED. THEN WHEN DESIRE HAS CONCEIVED IT GIVES BIRTH TO SIN, AND SIN, WHEN IT IS FULL GROWN BRINGS FORTH DEATH”- JAMES 1:13-16. Sin here comes about when people are drawn away AFTER THEIR OWN DESIRES AND ENTICED!

Far too much has been blamed on the devil when it comes to issues in the church! We have to step up to the plate and take responsibility for our own actions. The only way healing can take place in the Body of Christ is for us to get real about our issues.

The Lord is cleaning house. He is sweeping back the rug so that the Church can look at itself in light of His Word. We are not alright! But thank God, HE will not leave us in the state we are in. He will uncover and expose so that we can acknowledge that there is a problem. Once acknowledge the problem can be dealt with.

Individuals come to the church for a healing of their souls. It supposed to be not just a place to fellowship but a place to worship! Time out for all of the prosperity messages and let us do the work of true ministry.

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5 Responses to “The Devil Made Me Do It – According To Bishop Weeks”

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I totally disagree, with you Bishop! the devil, cant make you do anything! we as Christians need to stop using that cliche ” the devil made me do it.” thats not so, we do what we wanna do, stop giving him so much credit, you did what you did, because your ego was hurt! does it make it right, to do what you did? NO!!!!! yes there are two sides to each story, but regardless, of what the story is, that was your wife, not someone in the street, that you was trying to defend yourself too. Do God beat up on you like that? well the god i serve dont do such, so i have to ask?! where is your faith? why did you really do it, and do you, or did you think that Prohetess would really want you back, after that? you dont have to answer me, these are questions that you have to ask yourself! And do you think God was proud of you?

God gives us a free will and it is the lust for fame not the devil that drives many to where these poor people are and yes they are poor living in a mansion built by deceit in taking money from the innocent…The devil is crafty for he knows what to put in front of people but those who know the Lord will stand against it..How can one prach the way Bynum and White preach without doing it themselves?..It is the lust for fame at any price..Yet..the Lord paid the price and He will not turn away from those who repent..There is hope because the blood still flows from calvary for all men and it is for us to pray and to warn of false teaching that those who are confused will hear the truth that will set them free..

Well this all reminds me of a song that was song in the world. “Practice What You Preach”.


the bishop is not responsable if he claims the devil to , very funy?May God help him

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