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Is Christ The Only Way To Heaven?

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If Christ is indeed the only way, then all other ways are wrong and headed for hell.  Thus, those who are convinced that Jesus is the only way will be those who are most fervent about evangelism.  Those who are soft when it comes to evangelism are typically those who are not nearly as convinced that Jesus is the only road. 


It is a narrow road that most reject, but it is a road that Christians had better stand firm upon and one to which they must call others to travel.  As 1 John 5:12 says, “He who has the Son has the life; he who does not have the Son of God does not have the life.”  Jesus is very plain when it comes to who is in and who is out.  Those who receive Him as God, Savior, and Lord are in, and those who reject Him are out. 



We should also note that “life” is singular.  It is not “a life” but “the life,” and the answer is not “a Son” but “the Son.”  Clearly, the teaching of Scripture is undeniably that Jesus is the only way. 

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OJ Simpson Really Should Act His Age

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Over the last several days I have been watching the OJ Simpson saga. It is like a bad B movie that you watch over and over again, hoping the outcome is different. You know the kind of  movies where you can’t believe the main characters are so stupid!

In the case of OJ Simpson a bible verse comes to mind that is apropos. ” When I was a child I spoke as a child, I understood as a child, I thought as a child, but when I became a man I put away childish things” 1Cor 13:11.

My husband has a saying that he is known far and wide for. It goes a little something like this,” if you are going to be stupid then you had better be tough.” This sums it up in a nutshell.


According to Fox News,  Simpson was arrested Sunday after a collector reported that a group of armed men charged into his hotel room and took several items the former NFL great claimed belonged to him.

According to the charges filed Tuesday, Simpson and the others went to the room under the pretext of brokering a deal with the men. Once in the room, Simpson prevented one of the collectors from calling emergency authorities on his cell phone “by ripping it out of Bruce Fromong’s hand” while one or more accomplices pointed or displayed a handgun.

The complaint does not specify which of the men involved was carrying the weapon.

Simpson’s lawyer, Yale Galanter, said he planned to ask for Simpson’s release on his own recognizance.

“If it was anyone other than O.J. Simpson, he would have been released by now,” Galanter said.

Simpson has insisted he was not armed and that he went to the hotel simply to retrieve property that had been stolen from him.

“You can’t rob something that is yours,” Galanter said. “O.J. said, ‘You’ve got stolen property. Either you return it or I call the police.”‘

Witnesses and authorities have said that they don’t believe Simpson had a gun but that some of the men who accompanied him during the confrontation were armed.

Everyone knows they have been trying to get Simpson for years after being acquitted for murder charges in 1994. How arrogant to think you are above the law. The Bible says “Pride goes before a fall.” OJ ‘s sitting in jail is a testament to how far he has fallen.

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The Rosie O’Donnell You Don’t Know

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rosie.jpg  Have you ever wondered at the behavior of some people and said what in the world made them turn out this way? Well I have often wondered it about Rosie O Donnell. I have never cared for her because she was always brash and uncouth. Her mouth is filthy and she doesn’t care how she conducts herself in public. Let alone privately.I often wonder when I see people who do not have regard for others, what has happened in their life to make them so callous. My granny always told me never to look at the surface of an individual. She said ” what is on the surface is a product of what is on the inside. ” With Rosie O’Donnell that is certainly the case. Her new Book “Celebrity Detox” leaves us some clue as to why she acts the way she does.

According to Fox News Rosie O’Donnell used to break her own limbs with either a baseball bat or a wooden hanger when she was a child.

This revelation, as well as many about her experiences on “The View” last year, is contained in a new book she’s written due shortly called “Celebrity Detox.”

This personal memory, so shocking, is almost thrown toward the end of what is better described as a long essay than a short memoir.

All the proceeds from “Celebrity Detox” are going to Rosie’s charity, by the way. So it’s not like she’s putting her most painful personal memories on sale for self-aggrandizement.

But reading this passage is heart-breaking. Rosie, who lost her mother at age 10, felt she couldn’t get attention or sympathy otherwise.

She broke her own bones, she recalls, “my hands and fingers usually. No one knew. It was a secret.” She used a Mets baseball bat she got on bat day or the hanger. Why? It was “proof I had some value, enough to be fixed.” She recalls that she was no longer sad about her mother’s death, but “distracted.”

Rosie also dangles another clue about her childhood in two sentences. “There were many benefits to having a cast. In the middle of the night, it was a weapon.”

We will certainly keep Rosie in prayer, because there is more here than what meets the eye.

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