Juanita Bynum-The Face Of Domestic Violence

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 Juanita Bynum 2

Last night I watched a True Lady. This woman displayed so much grace and integrity it was such an joy to watch her. I am talking about Juanita Bynum. This is truly a woman of character. I watched her last night on TBN and the one thing that struck me was her grace under fire.

I have always admired this woman of God and have prayed for her over the years. But I have never witnessed what I did last night. There is a pliableness for lack of a better word to her. There is a different type of anointing on her. It is the anointing of a warrior and and a defender of the weak. A champion.

When she was abused so horribly I was enraged! Why? Because this should not have happened. I personally wanted to go and tear Bishop Weeks from limb to limb. Instead I sat down and wrote about it.  Juanita Bynum exemplified every woman, every where  that was dealing with being abused. Surely now something would be done about this!

One of the things that struck me was, the enemy had no idea what he set in motion. Because of this public display of humiliation out the ash heap rises a victor and not a victim. Last night I saw a Champion.  I wait in anticipation to see how the Lord uses her in this next dimension of ministry.

Go to TBN and watch the archive of the two hour talk show with Juanita Bynum and guest which aired Tues, Sept 04, 2007.

The Atlanta Journal Constitution has some excerpts from the show;

Bynum appeared Tuesday night as a special guest on TBN’s “Praise The Lord” program, a Christian talk show featuring ministers, gospel artists and other newsmakers.

On the show, Bynum said she had no bitterness toward her husband.

She would not say anything negative about Weeks. “Nobody could give me enough money,” she said. “As long as he’s my husband I won’t break that covenant.”

Also on the show, she said the church would help people by preaching more about personal experiences such as her own.

While interviews other guests, an emotional Bynum said, “I came here tonight to declare that I can bear it, I can bear it, I can bear it.”

Before the television appearance, in a room with flashing cameras, Bynum said she has forgiven Weeks for the alleged attack and that her ministry will take a new twist because of the pain she has suffered.

“Today, domestic violence has a face and a name and it is Juanita Bynum,” said the pastor.

“This is such a difficult moment for me,” Bynum said. “First, I want to go on record and say I forgive my husband and I wish him all of the best.”

The pastor said while some of her supporters have kept quiet about the incident, she does not intend to move on with her ministry as if the attack never happened.

“Relationships are what they are, [they] have their difficult moments,” she said. “… This has changed my life forever.”

Bynum said that after the alleged attack she was holed up with family feeling “weak and helpless.”

But Tuesday she said she won’t keep quiet on the issue of domestic violence.

“This isn’t a religious issue, it’s a social issue,” she said.

Bynum would not say whether she would participate in the prosecution of her husband or discuss her feelings about him. She said she is focusing on her new ministry. “Instead of a victim, I want to become an advocate,” she said.

Let us continue to lift Prophetess Bynum in prayer as well as Bishop Weeks.

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7 Responses to “Juanita Bynum-The Face Of Domestic Violence”

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The face of domestic violence are the children who are prisoners in a home of domestic violence and the little faces of thse who did not make it and lie silently in a grave in the arms of God…

So many try to find a stand that will carry their political outcries at the expense of the innocent..Weeks and Bynum knew better as they profess to be christian…it is not for any of us to do anything but to pray for them and to pray false teachers off the tv and pray people will seek local churches to hear the truth of repentance that brings salvation..to be discipled and encouraged…All through God’s word..there are non who have done what “teleevangelist” do..wht was happening was people dying for the cause of Christ for preaching in the street in the name of Jesus..If there is anything a christian can do is to do what the Lord told us to do..preach the gospel to everyone who will hear…
The bottom line is Jesus to serve Him and love Him with all your heart and to know Him and His ways by knowing His word..If there is anything at fault in “christian bradcasting” it is that the people are confused by so much teaching that contradicts God’s word..and the people who listen do not look in the Bible to get God’s word for themselves to know when there is deceit..If there is anything I pray for is that it will cease and many will go back to a local church that preaces and teaches the word of God..

I have heard that Weeks’ was a married man when Ms. Bynum feel into his arms. If this is true, what a start to a marriage guarnteed to fail regardless of a beating – I don’t condone a beating at all however, if she really wants to be of greater good/help – she should come clean because that would be what will help tons more women who find themselves wrecking someone else’s home or desires to be together and in comes a damsel to take him away. Did she not take him away from his lst wife and family?

This is nothing new for someone to cash in on their tragedy – the church folks are becoming just like everybody else in this world – greedy – looking for ways to cash in – why don’t these two just quietly settle their differences and stop advertising their private problems.

women are to keep silent in Church!! simple thats all u get from a marriage not ordained by God.

Domestic Violence is any person who has been abused by a husband are lover in a relationship. It does not say how many times a person has to be beating. Juanita Bynum is a face of domestic violent. I do not care if you like her are not. What if this was your mother are your sister. Weeks had no right to beat this true woman of god down the way he did. I just hope Juanita can get the last laugh after court is over. This man is going to bust hell wide open with all his lies. He never really loved Bynum in the first place. Weeks used this woman for his own personal gains. Juanita carried weeks on her back. Nobody knew him before she interduced him to the world in ministry. This is not the treatment for a woman who gave you everything. There is a high price to pay for lies and abuse. I just hope god gets the glory.

Domestic Violence knows no race, religion or gender!
Yet we argue over Ms.Bynum motive to speak out against domestic violence, is it to gain more popularity? Only she and GOD knows the answer to that question however No ONE DESERVES TO BE BEATEN. I do hope this horrible event will not be swept under the rug. For too long verbal abuse and domestic violence has gone on the African American Churches and homes yet no one want to address the issue openly from the pulpit. I do SINCERELY HOPE DOMESTIC VIOLENCE WILL BE BOUGHT TO THE FOREFRONT OF BLACK CHURCHES. THERE are too many people of color walking around ashame and hurting from domestic violence and if we don’t see it for what it is A FORM OF CONTROL we will past this festering cancer on to another generation. GOD CAN DO GREAT AND MARVELOUS THING IF WE WILL ONLY ALLOW OURSELVES TO CONFESS THIS PROBLEM DO EXIST. THEN AND ONLY THEN THE HEALING CAN TAKE PLACE.

I listened to your message, and was very much
touched.But about the sad new i held, i just
want you to be focused on God alone and forget
what any body is sayiny.
Remenber the devil is not happy with what you
are doing for the lord.
Move on and God will see you through.

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