Bishop Weeks Denies Abuse of Juanita Bynum

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Last Night I watched the press conference given by Bishop Weeks and was disheartened. It was very painful to watch. I wondered if maybe his mind was gone. I don’t know. Sometimes people who are in a rage really don’t remember what they did while in that state. I hope that is the case with him. Because the alternative is too ugly to contemplate.  

According to the Atlanta Journal Constitution“Thomas W. Weeks, 40, also a preacher, said he felt compelled to speak his peace after his famous wife announced to the public recently that she was “the new face of domestic violence.”

Weeks, who face felony charges for allegedly beating, choking and stomping his wife to the ground at a hotel parking lot on Aug. 21, said there are “two sides to every story.”

“I want to be clear in saying I do not condone in any way, shape or form violence of any kind towards women,” said Weeks in a conference room at Global Destiny Church of Duluth. “My role has always been to operate as a protector and not as an aggressor. I have walked away from many situations between the two of us, just like I walked away that night.”

“Weeks said he and Bynum, 48, were trying to reconcile the night before the alleged attack. They separated in June.”


According to Fox News, Mr. Weeks has been accused of having a previous physical altercation with a female within the church. 


 ATLANTA (FOX 5) — “Two faithful followers of Bishop Thomas Weeks, III said last week’s alleged attack against his televangelist wife, Juanita Bynum was not the first time Weeks has shown violence against women. Aungelique Proctor reports.According to the news report, Weeks assaulted a worker by the name of Lorraine Robinson. Ms. Robinson failed to go to the hospital because the two women she confided in and supposedly Juanita Bynum herself discouraged her from doing so.”  


The one thing that is glaringly obvious to me is that Bishop Weeks needs serious prayer. I am not saying this to be facetious, I am so serious. From my observations he has given himself over to another spirit, not the Holy Spirit. For a man to lay hands on a woman is reprehensible! But then he goes a step further and lay hands on one of his church members.  


Signs were there that he needed help 8 months prior to him jumping on Juanita Bynum. People however over looked them and said that God would work it out. Well He did. He allowed it to come to the forefront. 


You want to make sure you “work out your own soul salvation according to the Word of God with fear and trembling.” What does that mean? It means there is a price to pay for at the end of the day for un-confessed sins. There is an accountability factor involved here. And you will give an account of all you do in this body. The scripture goes on to say “Be sure your sins will find you out.” And “what you do in the dark will come to the light.” 


There are deep seated issues that the Bishop hasn’t dealt with. And in all of this he is still in denial. They have irrefutable evidence that he did it. But yet and still he denies it. The prosecutor’s office says they have more than enough evidence to proceed with this case. So how could he hold that press conference and make the statements he did? 


The bottom line is Bishop Weeks needs to come clean and get help. First he needs to repent. Then he needs to get professional counseling for his rage and bitterness. This is not just an anger management situation. This case is much deeper than this. For someone to go to the level he went to is so beyond simple anger.  


For those in the church that wants to sweep this under the rug shame on you.  This has been allowed to on too long as it is. Until we the church get right how in the world can we help someone else.  For those that are blaming Juanita Bynum for going after her husband thereby getting her self beat up shame on you! How asinine is that statement? That is the reason women don’t come forth! Because they have been told by both the perpetrator and society somehow she was at fault. The woman then becomes to believe the lie! 


The church needs to stop hiding behind religious piety and start being the church Christ has called you to be. Back in the day, both Jesus and John the Baptist laid into those that were overly religious.  They both referred to the leaders of that day as vipers, vultures, hypocrites, liars and thieves. 


They called them to task for putting burdens on the people and being unfair in their dealings with them. They hid behind their authority to and so called knowledge to place undo weights on the people.  


The same thing is happening today. Along came Jesus on the scene and said “ He was sent to heal the broken hearted, to proclaim liberty to the captive, recover sight to the blind, and to set at liberty all who were oppressed. Does this sound like what the church is doing today? I venture to say a resounding NO! 


Let us get back to being the church that Christ died for. Let us love our fellow man enough to help him. Let us not ignore wrongdoing and do nothing. Let us let our light shine so that others may see it and want to come to that light. As it stands you find so many that do not want to have anything to do with Christ, because of the representation of Him.  


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2 Responses to “Bishop Weeks Denies Abuse of Juanita Bynum”

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I know that the spirit of prosperity and that of the Jezebel has been trying to destroy the Bride of Christ for quite a while. It appears that everything is all about money instead of saving souls, and feeding the poor. It is sad to say that most Christians feel the more money you have the more blessed you are. Yet our King of Kings and Lord of Lords was of no reputation. May you and your wife find that no matter where either of you may go or reside, the same issues will come up until they are dealt with through repentance, submitting unto the Lord, and deliverance. I am praying very much for people, who are not following the word of God. Remember, Judgment will first start at the house of God. I sincerely pray your wife would humble herself under the mighty hand of God. If she did this she would know through the spirit of God. All have sinned and come short of the Glory of God. Even if she divorced you she will have to answer to the Holy redeemer’s. I will continue to pray for you both. I am woman married to a Pastor, whom I love dearly. The Lord has placed him in my life to teach me how to love, and I am so thankful. We feed over 12,000 families a year with just a congregation of 30. Our prayer before God was to give us true saints to aid in the ministry. It’s not in the fashion, cars, furs, or houses. Brother before my marriage I to was married to a very abusive man. The Lord had to heal my scars and teach me how to trust and let go. Completely allowing my husband to move in the spirit, as well as myself. One thing people know, I do not proclaim myself as a prophet , Pastor, or Great woman of God. I am just one of God children to be use of him. One thing I can tell I could never get into her ministry, not that I did not try. It was just to masculine, the approach to harsh, something that cam out of her mouth were not scriptural. When someone , motives are not right they will be exposed. We as children of God have to go into the fire and pull them out without being burned. I will pray for both of you, as previously stated the same problems will always occur no matter whom we join ourselves to, unless there is healing and deliverance.

Anything with two heads is a freak. A church can’t have to pastors. Jesus church isn’t a Mom and Pop church, a Husband and Wife Church. This is Jesus’s church and he called 12 men to organized and lead it. Pastor Weeks didn’t stand a chance. the women were for Juanita not her husband. The marriage was a mistake. I was never impressed with messages from the beginning but I believe she was suppose to teach the women – now she’s in left field.

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