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I am married with 3 children and 1 grand with another on the way. I believe that we all have God given destiny and purpose for our lives. These have been been given to us for the good of all mankind. It is up to us to find out and fulfull our purpose.

I am the founder of Ruach Chayah (Breath of Life)Global Ministries. I am also the Founder & CEO of The World Education Network Inc, a company that provides curriculum, tutoring & technology for students around world.

 Along with working in ministry and business I host 3 radio shows and 1 Christian television show. I have a book titled Shut the Door ” It Is Well” and have published articles in several magazines.

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6 Responses to “About Me”

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thank you

i was strengthened by your prophetic decree.
i pray your ministry continue to bless many
people that you may fullfill the full potential
of his divine will.

God bless steve

hi there. i ‘m a disabled divorce mothr of 2 boys 13 and 19 yrs olds.although i have ben through alot in ladies god is good.i’m a 48 yrs old that has the dreadful disease called rheumatoid arthritis.i had 28 operations, and i have been in the wheelchair since i was 13 yrs olds.i was my mom only child ,and i had to make her proud of me.at 21 i graduated from high school in 1981,and lo and behold i married my born again husband who introduce me to the holiness church,savation,the holyghost,and more.praise god.i have have some extense,extreme,and horrible pain from this cruel disease .i have been on all sort of medications,and in and out of hospitals all my life.but my divorce almost killed me. if hell had a bottom floor i went there emotionally and mentionally. there is a god you’ll.me my mom and kids went through hell.w had 2 depend on her and she had developed breast and leg cancer. divorce has no preference, we have to trust in holiness you’ll.i’m sorry forr paula and juanita ‘s divorce. thanks janet simms

Thank you for your prophecy for 2008. I have been birthing a book for over 10 years, seriously 5!! It is time..to get God’s people praying and to publish my book. I am signing a contract this week and hope to start speaking in the fall on prayer and jouranling. I have actually written two books. The first one is inspirational and motivational on God’s desire to dwell with man and that we are designed for a life of prayer to accomplish His purpose and discover ours, as well as remember His faithfulness by journaling it all down!
The second book is totally for practical application.
I’d appreciate you prayers…I have no idea how I ended up on your website other than the Lord lead me here, because I was looking up pictures of treasure chests with my daughter for a project!
Blessings to you!
Sarah Bush

Hello! I believe what you say is true. I believe that we are all called in service to the Almighty God. I feel that I am about to embark upon my ministry that will reach and bless the lives of others. I believe that I will be used to help with the transfer of wealth back into the hands of God’s people; believers who will use wealth in the way that God has meant for it to be used, to better the lives of all of His children around the world and not for the greed of the few who now hold all of the wealth. My scripture is based upon Proverbs 13:22, and I believe that God will take from the wicked and give to those that are called according to His purpose through Christ Jesus. I have a wealth building product for families along with teaching materials to train their children in good stewardship to what God has blessed them with. I would like to deliver the product in a Treasure Chest similar to the one you have displayed. Could you let me know the size specifications on the Treaure Chest and where I could procure them. On another topic, do you have Sisterlocks? Your hair style looks as though you do. I am in the process of determining whether to get them or not within the next few weeks. I would also treasure your feedback if you to have them. Be blessed. I am bookmarking your website because I believe that you will be very instrumental in helping me with the development of a wealth building curriculum in education for the families and youth of the Lord. Thanks you.

today is my birthday. please pray for me you can also give my name to your intercessors.
thank you kindly and God bless you.


Hi this is my first time reading your blog. Please note in your about me the word is destiny is spelled incorrectly.

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