Prophetic Decrees for 2009

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Join Prophetess Candace and guest as they Declare what the Spirit of the Lord is saying for the year 2009 and beyond. The guest include Prophetess Bobino, Pastor Williams, Apostle Williams, and Prophet Howell.



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2008 Prophetic Word

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2008 Prophetic Word Listen with your spirit to what the Spirit of the Lord is saying.Many of you during this past year (2007) have been experiencing birthing pangs. Which were deep moves of My Spirit that have at times been painful. I have comforted you and spoken to many of you that you have been birthing My will for your lives, birthing My heart in your lives and being transformed more and more into My image.  

As you have praised your way through these birthing pains and have endured them while still in obedience to my Word, I speak unto you that 2008 shall be the year where you shall see the fruit of this birthing. 

This year is a year of radical transformation. This birthing will will not only radically transform your lives, but will transform the lives of those around you that you share this fruit with. 

This fruit will come in the form of new ministry opportunities, new desires, new moves of My Spirit within your hearts, deeper compassion, grace and love, and deeper forgiveness to those around you. 

For there is a time coming in this year where there will be a mighty wind of My Spirit that is going to blow across My Church. This wind is an Euroclydon  better known as North Eastern that is going to bring about a greater movement of healing and miracles and will be received by those who are willing and open to hearing My Spirit.  

This Wind of Miracles is also the wind of judgment. (See Ps.89.14) It is a Rough Wind…see Is. 27.8. You will see Acts 5 in this wind! East winds brings locusts and dryness as well. (Ex.10.13; 14.21) for those that have not embraced the things of my Spirit. 

My wind will produce great supernatural events/angelic activities and full operation of gifts/ministries. For those that have been journeying through Lodebar there will be a restoration of all things that have been taken from you. Creative miracles will be common place. You will hear more of translations and raising of the dead during this next season.  

However along with this wind will come a hardness of hearts of those that do not want to conform to my Word.  Both in the church and without. Because of this a Wave of Great Persecution will be released against the Church in these coming hours to wash and blow away all that is not of me.   

Remember this is the same wind that both Jonah and Paul experienced! 

Those who have been allowing Me to birth much within them shall be these ones that will see this mighty wind coming, and will alert all around them to be ready to receive.  

Get in place and learn of me for the winds are blowing in this hour!  

May You Rest In The Shalom(Peace) of God,

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No Unsong Heroes

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This morning I started thinking about an incident that happened to me. I was reading a verse of scripture when this came to mind.

“God is not unjust; He will not forget your work and the love you have shown Him as you have helped His people and continue to help them.”

—Hebrews 6:10


I remember when I implemented a program in a former church years ago to have a variety store for the poor. I went and set up an account with Second Harvest, a food warehouse where you pay pennies on the dollar for items. I solicited the help of my best friend who was a minister in the church as well. We asked the pastor for space in an industrial park the church owned to set up a free store. He said yes.


We stocked it with food, medicine, personal hygiene products, clothes, furniture and toys. My girlfriend and I were the ones who went and picked the items up and unloaded them. Furniture and heavier items we had delivered.


We worked the store 2 days a week. We also traveled 2 hours one way to pick up food for a couple of years before they would send a truck our way. Never asked for gas money, and half the time paid for the food. We did this at least twice a month.


We made these items available to people that had fallen on hard times for free. People that came in for assistance traded time working in the store for items given. It made them feel good to be able to contribute. During this time we had the opportunity to share the Love of the Lord with them.


Many came to the Lord through this outreach, and joined the church as well. After a year the pastor wanted to re-evaluate whether we needed to continue with this project and if it brought “any value” to the ministry. After fighting with him on this issue, at the end of two years we handed it back over to him to do with as he wished.


Someone else joined the church a little later with like vision and went to him and said how the church could get publicity for the store. He went for it. Mind you the church had been getting publicity all along on a local level. He wanted “his” “name” recognized regionally.


When it was all said and done, the pastor credited this person to the media for piloting the program and doing all of the work. My girlfriend and I were never mentioned.


I don’t know if you have ever experienced this before: you do the work and turn in a great performance someone else gets the credit. They may not have done all that much to earn it, they were just there at the right time or simply knew how to “suck up” to the “people that matter.” They get the credit deserved by others who end up forgotten.


As Christians, this leaves us in a tough position. We don’t want to be selfish and egotistically toot our own horn. But it hurts. It’s not fair. It can lead to discouragement, anger, and resentment. I know it did with me for about a year I held on this.


When we find ourselves in this situation, I believe it is helpful to remember two things. First, we don’t work for our employer, teacher, manager, or boss or pastor: we ultimately work for the Lord. (see Ephesians 5:6-8)


If He is pleased, then we should be proud of our work and feel our goal has been accomplished even when we are not pat on the back. Yes, we all need some affirmation for a job well done, but sometimes it doesn’t come until the Father says, “Well done my good and faithful servant.”


Second, God who sees will not forget what we have done. He knows who really did the hard work and who deserves the credit. He will be the one to reward us for doing His work for His Glory even if no one else knows or cares. So if you’ve found yourself in this situation, IN GOD’S FAMILY, THERE ARE NO UNSONG HEROES!



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