Prophetic Decrees

Prophetic Words by Candace according to the Ruach  HaKodesh (Holy Spirit)    

Learn of Me, Come and Get It  


Arise, shine for your Light has come. The Glory of the Lord has been revealed. Watch and see My hand move against your enemy. he shall not win. Haven’t I said I will deliver you? Haven’t I said I will avenge you? Haven’t I said you are mine?  No one can pluck you from My hand. No one can defeat Me. For I Am the Lord of Host. The army is Mine to command. I execute vengeance on the oppressors. I yield my mighty sword to make war.  I Am the Lord Strong and Mighty. The Lord Mighty in battle. The enemy WILL scatter. his teeth shall be broken. Into the abyss  he shall go. For I theLord have commanded it.  Shake yourself, pick yourself up from the place you have fallen. Despair is not an option. Did I not tell you that I would never leave you or forsake you? I change not.  Am I a man that I should lie? I am  the God that created  you. It is I that have made you, surely I know what you have need of before you do.  My will is for every need to be met. You ask the question why is it not so then? Because you have not believed MY report. You have not trusted ME. You view ME the same as as you. But not so. You don’t know what I know. How could you? For I stand at both the end and beginning of time. For time is within Me.  All things exist and consist within Me. Nothing is done without My knowledge. For I the Lord Am Soveirgn. I have all power in My hand. Recognize Who I AM. Recognize who you are in ME.  You quote scripture that you are the Righteousness of ME by Yahshua HaMashiach. But where is the proof in your actions?  Learn of Me. For in Me are TREASURES. TREASURES you know not of. TREASURES that are hid in ME. Plumb the depths of the Sea, Plumb the depths of the Sea.  You say I don’t like the Sea it is too messy. It is unpredictable, I can get tossed to and fro, I can loose my life in the sea, I never know what the conditions  will be. One minute it is calm and serene the next minute the storm clouds roll in and the winds roar the waves crash and boats capsize. No Lord i’ll stay close to shore but won’t go out to the deep. Give me a nice lake to look for the treasure in.  NO!!   The TREASURE is in the Sea.  Learn of ME. Come and get it.    


 For I have promised you, MY children, bread and not the crumbs of this world.     I will answer and deliver you. I do not lie. The children’s bread of healing, deliverance, prosperity and Abundant Life is yours for the taking.    For YAHSHUA is your Bread of Life. Oh taste and see that I am good.  Praise ME, and hang on to your faith though I don’t answer right away.   Just know that yes I am working I have not forgotten you. Just hold to my WORD  and wait to see the manifestation.    


Open up your mouth wide and I will fill it. You have eaten from the bread of this world too long and have not been filled.    You are starving and don’t even know it. Your flesh is hanging from you bones.    You have run after things  that are worthless and wonder why I have not moved. You say you are in a barren land, but there is Bread in Bethel.   Bread to feed the nations. There is a famine in the land but you my child do not have to despair for  the Bread that came down from Heaven is yours if you  Open Up Your Mouth!



Can you not hear the sound?  The sound of the rushing of a Mighty Wind.    I have unstopped the ears of those that desire to hear. Those that have not bowed their knees to Baal.    Can you not hear me calling? Come up hither. For I will instruct you in the way should go. I will put my Words in you for the healing of Nations.    Your Brother did nothing with out first hearing from me.  Do you think that you are any different?   Do you know the path you should take? Do you know where your enemy will next strike? Do you know where your stuff is at?   For without my instructions you are just blowing in the wind.    

Recovery of All   


With My Sword in your hand and My Praise in your mouth. Pursue.. Pursue   Overtake and  Recover all that the enemy has stolen from you.  He can’t have it any longer.   He has to cough it up and spite it out because it is yours!!!   Everything.. Everything…that means your walk with Me, your praise and worship of Me, your obedience to Me, to your family, your health, your finances, your  dreams, your visions, your businesses, your homes now belongs to you.   He can’t have it any longer!!   I have given you Victory!! Your face is that of a lion an offspring from the tribe of Judah. It is now time to go to war!!   I am releasing my council to you in the way to fight in this battle, for you shall win and not be defeated!   Blow the Shofar, the time is here!!       The Glory of the Church Shall Be  Revealed   I have heard it said that My Church has fallen. I beg to differ. My Glory shall be revealed in Her.   You are looking with the natural eye. See with My eye.   Is my arm shortened that I can not bring to past what I have spoken?    What good was it for Me to come down and wrap Myself in human flesh and walk among you if I can’t save you?   Who has believed the report of My prophets and to who has My arm, my strength been revealed ?    Hold fast to my promises for there shall be a performance of those things which I have said.   Do not listen when men despair of the Church, for She is Mine!! I shall not let her go.    For She will be clothed in Majesty and Splendor. The universe will bow down to Her in honor of Me.          

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9 Responses to “Prophetic Decrees”

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What a blessing the prophetic decrees are to my life.
Thank you for posting them and thank you Holy Spirit for your words of life.

Hallelujah! This spoke right to my heart and yes I will trust the Lord with all my heart in spite of the lies that are seething out across the nation from a vicious Destroyer-Satan- The lord of the Flies, The Deceiver, the father of lies where there is no truth. Amen. Sound the trumpet, blow the horn for God is Almighty and yes He does reign above all the earth. Amen and I thank and praise God for moving in a mighty way upon His prophets. God bless and keep you for be used by God to speak forth such a prophetic word in this appointed time unto the heart of man and woman.

I claim and declare “Recovery of All” now manifesting in our family. What an awesome prophetic decree. This confirms my prayer and I claim all is manifesting.

I thank God for the message which all the more make me focused on the truth of His promises!!!

He is an awesome God!!!

Thank you for releasing the Prophetic Word of the Lord In this day when God is bringing the fullness of his manifestation into our lives and repositioning us for the work of the kingdom these prophetic decrees have been a healing balm to my spirit as source of living water in recent drought Praise our Heavenly Father and I Bless his Holy Name. In him we have been made strong. I encourage everyone of Gods children to not get weary in well doing for in due season! 2008 is our due season. Come and Magnify the Lord with me. 🙂

Thank you for this wonderful word of encouragement! It has made a difference in my life as I seek my Lord and his Victory in my life!

Amen I so agree!

What a blessing!
Thank you!

Thank you Jesus 🙂
He is faithful and true. and the work of the Lord shall come to pass.
God Bless you all.

Question: what does blow the horn mean? Prophetically speaking?

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